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Technology Products & Services

Desktop Microscope
P | Lightweight – precise microscope
  • Single or multiple wavelengths​

  • 10-100x​

  • Automated analysis software optional


Applications:​Fluorescence research, protocol optimization, R&D.​

Filtration Unit
P | Sample purification and concentration system​
  • Concentrate 40 ml of solution into less than 2ml​

  • Accelerate sample processing and purification​​

Application: ​ Filtration and purification of food samples for analysis, the concentration of solutions​.

Laboratory Racks
R | Custom development of magnetic rack for tubes

Can used with all sorts of magnetic beads for efficient isolation be of proteins, nucleic acids and microorganisms.

Magnetic rack for 96 wells

The side magnet is specially designed to pull all types of magnetic beads, to the side of wells. This magnet, designed manual workflows, is not compatible with PCR tubes. Instead, it is compatible with PCR strips and 96-well plates (200 µl), without standing edge or half-framed. ​

Column racks

Designed to hold columns for procedures involving disposable plastic chromatographic columns. The size and capacity can be adapted to costumer’s needs.​

Lab Racks
Lab Facilities
Laboratory Facilities
P | Laboratory rental
  • Fully Equipped Laboratory with BSL 2 & GMO II

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