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Salmonella Detection

Detecting Salmonella
S | Rapid screening
  • < 1 hour detection​

  • 1,000 CFU​

  • Dry food matrices

S | 1CFU detection
  • <6 hour detection​

  • 1-10 CFU​

  • Matrices updated on an on-going basis

Detecting Salmonella
The Technology

Stay ahead of the global curve

S | In Depth

Based on more than 10 years of scientific research, аt the core of our technology are specially developed fluorescent conjugates. The conjugates used with a biological recognition element, detect the pathogen of interest in just a few minutes. Providing robust sensitivity and working without bacteria enrichment, our goal is to become the new standard in food safety for bacteria detection and control.

Salmonella specific recognition proteins
P | Variety of forms
  • Stand-alone protein​

  • Conjugated with fluorophore​

  • Conjugated with magnetic beads

Leonyte’s biorecognition element is significantly better at Salmonella capture and purification than commercially available antibodies

P | Application
  • Biotinylating of protein/ nucleotides for research labs - kits​

  • Fluorescent constructs for research labs - kits

Salmonella detection on images
P | Image detection software
  • Detecting salmonella on a given image

  • Define thresholds for bacteria size and tolerance rate

  • Connect your storage (AWS S3, Google Cloud storage) for input and output

We are building on top of various machine learning techniques (including AWS Recognition)

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