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The New Standard

in Pathogen 


Our Solution

Identify, control, and take action in real-time.

01 | Speed

Our frontier technology provides real-time testing for pathogens across various food matrices. We understand the importance of speed in assessing microbial risk, and we’re focused on delivering the fastest solution on the market.

02 | Reliability

Above being fast, we are reliable. Our scientists are pushing technological boundaries by taking innovative approaches to provide the highest sensitivity, even in samples with a low concentration of bacteria.

03 | Simplicity

Our compact testing system is easily integrated at various checkpoints in your food supply chain. With minimum operator training, food safety specialists can conduct tests in three simple steps. Results and analytics are then directly accessible.


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Food Safety

Тhe time to change microbial testing is now.

In the past 10 years food recalls have doubled, 47% of these are due to microbial contamination.

In the US alone 626 food recalls were recorded in 2015, each costing between $10-30 million.

420,000 people die each year due to foodborne illness, 30% of these cases are children under 5.



L | A Global Problem

We live in times when monumental shifts are happening. By 2050 the population will reach 10 billion and global food production will need to grow accordingly. But at the same time food recalls have doubled over the past 10 years. This has not only cost millions in damaged brand reputation and tons of wasted food but more importantly, foodborne illness has cost thousands of human lives. We at Leonyte are committed to providing the most sophisticated technological advancements in diagnostics. We want to empower companies to be ahead of the challenges that complex global economies pose.   

Food Safety

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Products & Services
  • Salmonella rapid detection system for complex food matrices

  • Salmonella detection on Images, SAS product

02 | Technology Products & Services
  • Custom desktop fluorescence microscope development

  • Custom magnetic racks, 96- well plates, poly-column racks

  • Sample filtration system

  • Custom Filtration Units

  • Custom laboratory equipment development using our engineering workshop

  • Protein conjugation

  • Laboratory facilities


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In the ever-changing world we live in, when it comes to food safety and healthcare – time is the enemy. Outbreaks and diseases spread rapidly and getting fast diagnostics can be life-saving. At Leonyte Biosystems we are developing cutting-edge technologies to provide you with actionable results in real-time. We dare to solve big problems, and we are working hard to become the new standard in diagnostics. Our technology is currently focused primarily on Food Safety, but its potential is much bigger. In the long-term, we plan to expand into Healthcare and Public Health.

L | Vision & Mission

We want to impact people’s lives positively by preventing diseases, famine, and pain. Our revolutionary technology provides reliable detection of harmful substances in real-time and empowers others to act fast. Our vision is to become the world’s largest global network for bacteria detection and control.

Our Values

01 | Dare to dream BIG.

We are change agents who solve big problems. Our technology saves lives and helps people lead a more fulfilling life.

02 | Make it happen.

We reward proactivity and challenge the status quo. We are doers. We learn from each other and continuously advance.

03 | Continuous innovation

To achieve groundbreaking results, we make constant daily progress, always striving towards perfection.

04 | Applying cutting-edge technology

We push technological limits! Reliable systems, beautiful engineering, and innovative design are at the heart of what we do.

05 | Encourage and empower.

We have a welcoming spirit and we nurture an environment where people strive to push their boundaries and be their best.

06 | We are one team.

We are a diverse group of individuals that work together as a team, expecting the best from each other.



We are a multinational team of crossdisciplinary experts in biology, engineering, software development and business professionals that are united by one vision:

A world protected from harmful bacteria.

We´re hiring!

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